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Market Study

“The Better you know your competition the better prepared YOU are”

For the companies wishing to enter in India market or planning to launch in new product, we conduct a customized pre-entry market study that identifies the factors in the target markets that would include the overview of market, product survey, customer preferences, competition analysis, Sales & Distribution, location study, CSR, SWOT analysis etc. 

Once completing a pre-entry market study, and having made necessary analysis and planning, the foreign company can expand into India with confidence – even without experience in this country.

The study is fully customized for company’s product/services and covers following aspects:

Market Overview

• Define nature and size of market
• Demand and supply analysis of product/service
• Key growth drivers
• Possible challenges & emerging opportunities
• Competitors positioning

Product Survey

• Analysis of existing comparable products/services 
• Customer feedback on product
• Likely demand in market

Customer Preferences

• Customer survey
• Analysis of customer preference relating to product/service
• Market trends and customer buying pattern

Competition Analysis

• Key players in the market and their profiles including their products, prices, business models, trade practices
• Relative competitive strengths and weaknesses of key players

Sales & Distribution

• Possible sales and distribution Channels 
• key trade practices 
• comparative analysis of different channels
• expectation of channel/trade partners

Location Study

• Comparative analysis of different available locations
• Identification of suitable location considering different selection criteria including land cost, infrastructure development, availability of labour and material, proximity to customer, power availability, regulatory & business environment

Corporate Social Responsibility 

• Identifying mandatory/voluntary requirement of CSR on the company
• CSR objectives, opportunities and challenges
• CSR plan

SWOT Analysis

• Strength of company’s product with competitors 
• Possible weak points
• Opportunities available in market 
• Possible regulatory and business threats